Friday Nature Immersion (Ages 5 to 14)

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Each Friday during the school year children go out into Mother Nature from 9:30 am to 3pm pm. Children who are immersed in natural settings regularly develop in important areas like empathy, gratitude, wonder, reverence, balanced judgment and thinking skills, creativity, and self confidence. For a young child, learning how to make a fire to warm oneself in the cold, wet winter time is an achievement that stretches well into adulthood. Capableconfident children come out of our year-long outdoor program. You will be proud and surprised at the skills that your child demonstrates and shares with you!

More about our unique school partnership with Rewild Portland and the Nature Immersion program here:

Nature Immersion visits local wilderness areas that allow children to encounter and observe raw nature, wild spaces and unstructured places where they may roam. Recent spaces have included Rock Elk Island, Sauvie Island, Kelly Point Park, and other secret urban wild areas!