Admissions and Tuition

Application and Enrollment Process


Upon contacting Shining Star Waldorf School and expressing interest in our school you will be invited to the next Open House, or to schedule an appointment to take a tour if it’s not during enrollment season. After your tour you will be given an application to complete and return with your $50 application fee.

Once your application is received you will be contacted by the teacher of the appropriate grade. The teacher will work with you to schedule an interview to meet you and your child and explain more about the school. If this occurs during the school year your child may be invited for a 3-day trial visit where they will attend class with regular students and get to experience a week of school. If there are openings the teacher and family will then decide if the fit is good and the child may then be invited to join the class.

After your visit and the teacher has accepted your child, you will be given an Enrollment Contract with tuition and fee information as well as an Emergency Medical form to complete and return. Prior to the first official day of school for your child all paperwork must be completed and fees paid.  Deposit due upon signing our Enrollment Contract will be 10% of yearly tuition amount.

Please be aware that by signing our enrollment contract, you are committing to the full tuition as agreed upon for the school year.

Shining Star Waldorf School Application

2016/2017 School Year Tuition and Fees

Family Play Group

10 weeks — $150 per term
Contact office for simple application,  Winter Term Enrolling NOW

Hummingbird Play Garden Nursery (9am-1pm)

2 days (Tuesday and Wednesday) — $3090 per year, $200 materials fee

Linden Tree Kindergarten (9am-1pm):

3 days (Monday-Wednesday) — $4490 per year, $250 materials fee

1st Grade (9am-1:30pm):

  • 4 days (Monday-Thursday) — $5254 per year,  $250 materials
  • 5 days (Monday-Friday) — $6284 per year,  $250 materials

2nd-8th Grades (9am-3:10pm):

  • 4 days (Monday-Thursday) — $5856 per year,  $250 materials
  • 5 days (Monday-Friday) — $6886 per year,  $250 materials

Homeschooling Support Program

1 Day (Mondays) – Grade 1: $1750/annually

1 Day (Mondays) – Grades 2 -8: $1900/annually

2 Days/week: Grade 1: $3000/annually   Grades 2-8: $3200/annually

3 Days/week: Grade 1: $4200/annually  Grades 2-8: $4500/annually



  • Enrolling requires 10% deposit to ensure your child’s space.
  • Flute fee: $70 grade 1-3, $90 grade 4-8.
  • Aftercare is available on class by class basis. Inquire with your teacher.
  • Sibling Discount 10%.
  • Paying in full for the year, 3% discount tuition.

Financial Aid

We offer financial aid in the form of a partial tuition reduction for needy families on a first come, first served basis. Overall it amounts to 7-9% of total tuition for the school. Optimally tuition reduction is a temporary situation as families strive to arrange priorities and situations in order to pay the full tuition for their children. Applicants must submit a copy of their past year’s IRS tax statements and a letter of need.   If financial assistance is approved an offer will be determined by committee and communicated to the family for acceptance.

Families currently attending our school must submit applications for tuition reduction by April 1 of each calendar year to be considered.  About 10% of our families applied for tuition reduction in 2014-15.  The average reduction was 20% of each family’s tuition.