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Homeschool Support is back!

Shining Star Waldorf School offers full and part time school options, including a homeschooling option for children to attend 1-4 days at the main campus in grades 1-4.   The school was founded as a home-education support program with its One-Day Monday class, and children are encouraged to apply for a limited number of these spots per class.  We have discovered over many years that this program option works best for children in grades 1-4, as after this time, the curriculum increases in complexity and interpendent-process learning and it is more challenging to accommodate children who attend less than three full days each week in the classroom.  Please do visit our school, speak with the grades 1-4 teachers, and find out if adding enrollment in our amazing vibrant creative program helps fill your needs as a home-educating family.  We do invite a full year’s commitment from parents, in order to be sure that each class does maintain those close wonderful friendships with each child who is enrolled.  We love our homeschooling kids and each one is a full member of each class and is warmly welcomed each week!  One-Day Monday is available this year, and must be on Mondays to maintain a rhythm that makes sense for the whole class, for those seeking only a one-day option.  Those choosing more than one day, will confirm those arrangements with the teacher of the class.  Please come join us!

Please email the office to inquire about this program:  office@shiningstarschool.com

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We offer traditional Waldorf arts, music, and handwork with a talented and diverse group of dedicated teachers of the highest caliber who care deeply about their work and the children.

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Please contact us to arrange a personal tour and visit!  503 753 4459 We would LOVE to meet you!

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Studies show that children who play and listen, engage and reflect, alternate active movement with songs, poems, stories, verses, and develop strong pre-literacy skills through the imagination, simply excel as adult life-long learners!




Shining Star Waldorf School Spring 2016, 2120 NE Tillamook, Portland, OR 97212, 503 753 4459
What to expect from a Waldorf education?
Grade 1 is full of imagination boosting materials including fairy stories from around the world, playful movement exercises in mathematics, poetry, and song, finger enhancing skills in knitting, string games, flutes, and modeling in sweet scented beeswax, learning to cooperate in games, challenges, learning and group centered activities in a wide variety of settings, indoors, outdoors, in the big room with larger movements, mixed in with kinesthetic academics like writing, form drawing, painting, sculpting, crafting and much more. Children learn to read through writing, using known poems, songs, sayings, and more, to find each special symbol hidden in the magical kingdoms of the fairy tales, to figure out each angle and sound associated with this shape through practice, and to finally copy in careful printed letters, the beautiful words that come out of our mouths in speech. First grade is magical, wonderful, engaging, challenging, and completely interesting as the children move to main lesson teaching into the daily rhythms of subject teachers in handwork, language, eurythmy, games, gardening, and more. A cadre of caring adults teach the children in the most warm and loving way, guiding them through the fine arts of social interactions, kind words, good deeds, compassionate listening and making good decisions. Each child is supported in her or his own thinking, dreaming, imagining, and creating. Waldorf opens a door and the children stream into this amazing land of potentials and possibilities, and are rewarded for their own achievements rather than an artificial awarding of test scores or letter grades.
The Wizard’s Magical Stories: Letters and Reading
Land of Narnia: Four mathematical processes (multiplication, division, addition, subtraction)
Mother Earth Stories: Nature of the NW area (common plants, animals, herbs, insects)
Wonder World: Life lessons, self-exploration, the four kingdoms, elements, culture study
Mrs. Johnson writes much of her own material for poems, songs, stories and plays, fitting each piece into the fabric of the class, drawing from the conversations and inspirations of the families. She has over 20 years of teaching in Waldorf schools and is thrilled to be honored with the opportunity to spend time once again with the youngest pupils in the grade school. She enjoys this age group very much, such lively minds and bodies, this year’s grade 1 will be a very good place for learning and growing! Welcome! Space limited to 12 students.
Students in grade 1 arrive at 8:45 am and go home at 1:30 pm. They may go to the aftercare in the K room until 3:15 as desired and they enjoy this play time with friends very much. Please see the office to submit an application. Home school children can attend One Day Mondays, full time is M-F, menu options available for fewer days.
Mrs. Johnson: 503 309 4223 cell phone, please call with questions
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