This page is for regular posts and updates by faculty or administration, to give you a personal peek into our school activities and rich festival life!  Please consider enrolling your precious child in our school.



Greetings!  As we approach Thanksgiving, we are filled with gratitude for students, parents, teachers, office managers, volunteers, church staff, pleasant surroundings, beautiful rooms and spaces, and happiness in our school.  Here is news to use!

Something told the wild geese it was time to go
Though the fields lay golden something whispered snow
Leaves were green and stirring
Berries luster glossed
But beneath warm feathers something cautioned something cautioned frost

All the sagging orchards
Steamed with amber spice
But each wild breast stiffened at remembered Ice

Something told the wild geese it was time to fly
Summer sun was on their wings
Winter, winter, winter in their cry


PARENT-TEACHER Conferences for Grades Children (K children by request with Ms. Julie).  Your teacher has a sign up for conferences please do take time to find the perfect time to meet and discuss your student. Thank you!

NO School week of Thanksgiving November 21-23.  Please come back Monday November 28th.

Nov 16-Wednesday-All School Pie Bake! Send pie plate and crust to school, will come home with a lovely pumpkin pie (please let us know if you are VEGAN or DAIRY-EGG intolerant MONDAY)

Nov 16-Early morning Faculty Meeting, 7 am, breakfast meeting for teachers

Nov 16-Board of Directors Meeting, 5:30 pm, school, all WELCOME

Nov 16-Second DOLL MAKING WORKSHOP Class, ALL welcome, please join us, Mrs. J will lead doll making $25 class, $20 materials, all proceeds go to the school!  So far, 3 are attending and we are having a blast please come and join us, make a gorgeous Waldorf dolly!

Dec 4th-Sunday- Spiral of Lights 5pm-6:30pm (For grades 1-7, please come!)

Dec 6-Tuesday, SAINT NICHOLAS DAY at school

END OF TERM ASSEMBLY Wednesday December 16th, 10 AM, all invited!  Followed by a potluck lunch at school, celebrate our end of term success! A to M, hot dish & appetizer/bread item, N-Z, side dishes and desserts, School will provide drinks, bring your own dishware picnic set to use instead of disposables.

Last day of School December 17th, Thursday!

Dec 19th-Jan 2nd Winter Break

PHOTOS:  Thank you for all the photo orders, the group shots were fun and we took an all school photo, too, please do direct any order questions to, she is still taking orders for packages.

Bulb Fundraiser:  Please turn in all order forms tomorrow, Monday Nov 14, so we can pack up and deliver your beautiful bulb orders for your home use.  The grade 1-2 class is shepherding this all-school fundraiser, and are ready to count out your pretty spring flowers.  Please do pick up order forms in your mail box or hallway and fill those out!

Thank you to Ms. Julie and helper Kristen Owens for an amazing Starry Night Lantern Walk and parents from Grades 5-7 for a fabulous Reed Canyon hike with teacher David Edwards.  It was perfect weather, the night was delicious, the chestnuts sweet and warm!  Thank you!

Thank you Mrs. McCarty for steering Harvest Fest with fresh cider (thanks George!) and pumpkin weighing, rolling, and apple bobs.  Thanks Ms. Laura for great Spook House and Halloween party with Mrs. J, loved the fishing, the spider web, the games, and great snacks and of course, our annual parade around the neighborhood!  Everyone looked great.

Thank you to Ms. Julie Perko for working in our office from July to November 2016.  You sure helped us on our way and we will miss you, best of luck in your new art career and art endeavors. Please come visit!  Welcome, Ms. Amy Solomon, our new office manager!  She also lives in the neighborhood and will be in the office M-Th 8:45 am to 1 pm every day, please stop in and say hi!  Amy has skills in outreach, sales, office management and computer, so keep an eye out for new things happening!  We welcome help from parents from 1-3 pm to earn Angel Hours and keep an eye in the office!  Sign up with Amy!

Wild Nest:  Elisabeth Neeley is doing a great job with those 5 and younger children and parents out at the Children’s Arboretum each Tuesday from 10-12 noon.  Please join her for a trial day and then join in for the term!  The children have been doing exceptionally well this fall and this new program has done very well in its first year!

REWILD Friday class with Mr. Peter has been a wonderful experience this year for the children in K-gr 7!  Each week they enjoy outdoor education, lessons from Mother Nature, play in the wild areas and much more.  They are engaged in learning survival and wilderness skills and simply becoming so very comfortable outdoors year round.  Please do join in if you like, he has 2-3 spots left for those interested to join.  Thank you, check with the office.

MUSIC:  Ms. Brandi and Mr. Torsti send words of thanks for parents who support the music programs with instrument rental and more.  Please be SURE Your child practices at home every week, each child has pieces and exercises and needs regular practice at home to really make progress.  It is very clear in class who is practicing and who is not, this precious home-work does require parental support and assistance please sure this is happening, thank you so much.  It is suggested practice is three times per week for 30 minutes at home at a minimum.


BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETINGS, all welcome, please come get involved with helping the school run smoothly and offer wise counsel, advice, and share in our journey!  The next meeting is WEDNESDAY November 16, 5:30 PM, at school.  All welcome!

SHED PROJECT:  To date, Eric, George, and Chi are working with Mrs. J to create a stream of donated materials to construct a lovely secure shed with overhang play area for our use at school. Estimated costs are around $1000 and we have written letters for donation from a few key businesses.  Hope to see construction in November & December of this important structure!  Please feel free to join in.

ANGEL HOURS: DO keep track of your family Angel Hours in the office in the binder.  A check up will be conducted in December to see how families are doing with their hours per year.

Tuition Payments Thank you to so many who pay on time and are faithful!  You can pay by check, square, or paypal—send $ to   We depend on every single tuition to make our modest ends stretch to meet our budget, you are important to us! Thank you!

OPEN HOUSES:  Are scheduled for Jan-March 2017, we are already receiving calls for those who wish to reserve spots for Fall 2017.  Please consider thoughtfully if you plan to stay with us for next year, your new reenrollment period will begin January 2017.

IMMUNIZATION PROJECT:  We are again ready to begin collecting your immunization histories, please consider paying a visit to your medical provider to discuss your child’s history and get up to date on these matters prior to the February collection deadline.  There have been some changes in recent years with regard to exemptions and you can visit the state of Oregon immunization project site to catch up on what is new, just google it.  Thank you for early preparation to help us complete this detailed project.

SCHOOL YELLOW PAGES:  If you would like to advertise to the whole school, consider sending in a business card so we can scan and insert into the newsletter, only $25 for the rest of the year, all proceeds go to the school fund!  Great way to attract business.

AFTERCARE:  Thanks to Anneli Jacinto, Cassie Goodluck (Mondays), and Kerri M. for helping with this fall’s aftercare.  We appreciate you, and are glad for the children who come and enjoy our fun aftercare program from 3-5:30 pm each day.  Do sign up in the office and take advantage of this great program.

BEE FEST NEWS:  Bee Fest News!!

We’re up and rolling for our 2017 Festival of the Bees and Auction! This year’s event will be Saturday, Feb. 4th.

This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and right now we really need help gathering donations for our auction and raffle. Is there a business you love and think others would enjoy too? Ask them for a donation!

Check out the yellow Donations Poster by the school office. You will see a list of local businesses that we are hoping to approach. See a favorite of yours on there? Then sign up to ask them for a donation! Be sure to grab a Donation Request letter (located on the poster). These have our tax ID number, as our school is a non-profit 501(c)(3), and their donation is tax deductible.

This list is also not comprehensive, so please add to it! Any new businesses open up recently in your neighborhood? New places are eager to get folks in their doors and donating gift cards and merchandise is a great way to make that happen. We’re not limited to brick and motor stores either. Have a favorite landscaper, house cleaner or car detailer? Or maybe you have a timeshare or rental property? These are all things that could be donated!

Here are some common questions about the donation request process:

I’ve never done this before. What do I say to a potential donor?

My introductions usually go something like this, “Hello, I’m a parent (teacher, aunt, supporter, etc…) at Shining Star Waldorf School on NE 21st and Tillamook and we have a big auction and Festival of the Bees coming up in February. It’s our biggest fundraiser of the year and I’m wondering if you’d be interested in making a donation for the auction.”

What if they ask me questions?!

Some common things folks like to know is our tax ID number (found at the bottom of the Donation Letter) and our school’s mission (found here). Sometimes folks want to know what the money goes toward (our Tuition Assistance Fund so all kids can have a chance at a Waldorf education… see our mission).  Occasionally places will ask how many people are expected at the auction (we’re aiming for 300) and how much money we hope to raise ($4000).

Businesses also like donation suggestions. Gift cards, gift baskets and merchandise are our most popular donations. Some places will give you the contact information for their donations coordinator and you can follow up with them.

If they ask a question that has you stumped, feel free to contact our amazing Donation Coordinator, Jennifer Niemann at or Kristin Owens, our Bee Fest Coordinator, at

What’s in it for the business?

All of our donors will be listed in a brochure that all Bee Fest attendees will receive the day of the festival. There will also be a large “Thank You” wall displaying all the organizations that have helped our school. Did I mention that their donation is tax deductible? They will also receive a thank you card from us after the festival.

They have a donation for us! Now what?

Sometimes business owners will hand you a gift card or merchandise right then and there. Be sure to thank them, and find out how much the donation is worth (if it isn’t obvious). It’s also nice if they can include business cards, or publicity materials with their logo. We’ll display those!

Bring the donation back to the school office and place it in the big Bee Fest Donations bin. Write what you’re dropping off on the form on the bin. At the end of each day, we’ll empty the bin and store the donations in a secure location. Don’t forget to report your results on the yellow Donations Poster.

Other times business owners will need a little time to think about their donation. Be sure to get their name and contact information and ask when would be a good time to follow-up with them.

But what if they say ‘no’?

That is fine! Did you see how long our list of potential donors is? There are so many people in our amazing city that are anxious to support our school. It’s more than reasonable for a few to be unable to help at this time. Just be sure to thank folks for their time and consideration and report back your findings on the yellow Donations Poster.

That was kinda fun. Can I do it again?

Please do! 🙂

Feel free to contact Jennifer Niemann or Kristin Owens with any questions. Thank you so much for making our amazing school possible!


Kristin Owens

Parent and Bee Fest Coordinator

Shining Star Waldorf School