This page is for regular posts and updates by faculty or administration, to give you a personal peek into our school activities and rich festival life!  Please consider enrolling your precious child in our school.

We had a fantastic school year in 16-17, with joyful children, talented teachers, and amazing parents.  We added a great new office manager, Amy, who has really been an asset to the school.  Our holidays and festivals were rich and satisfying, and the curriculum and artistic work was delicious and incredible at times.  Our school grew in numbers and we were able to hire some great new teachers for subject lessons and more.  All is all we are in good shape for 2017-18 with plans and materials for the new outdoor play shed, new desks for the younger grades and a real sense of family commitment and very high retention of our students.  Shining Star Waldorf School has been very blessed in the past two years with a wealth of cheerful happy parents and staff, who work well together and enjoy every single moment of these rapidly disappearing days!

We are offering summer camps and the annual conference for home schoolers and teachers, and planning on another blissful year in the laughter filled hallways of our purposefully tiny delightful and anthroposophical community!  Come join us!