Dragon Fest

Dragon Fest 2014Our Annual Fall Festival is open to the public, to show families what life with dragons is like!  We find our way into the season of Autumn and Micha-el, the Warrior Angel, who guides our steps and helps us when we are feeling weak or afraid. Complete with costumes, Magic Wand Booth, games, physical skills contests, community play, bake sale, and contests. Come join our little ‘Ren Fair on this day in September!


Halloween and Harvest Festival

This celebration includes a party, our annual neighborhood costume parade, games and a spooky kitchen event. It’s our school’s way of enjoying a fun and safe Halloween Party. We will make apple juice, roast corn and make crafts.


Starry Night Martinmas Lantern Walk

The Starry Night Lantern Walk is held every November 11, when the entire school meets at a public park and walks through the dark, cold night.   With our brilliant handmade lanterns in hand, we bring the small flames of our light into the deep darkness of the coming season. This meaningful ceremony has great significance for the children and the adults, a kind of birthing experience, or perhaps a bracing for the wintery weather to come. To each brave adventurer of the night comes a warm roasted chestnut at the end of the walk.


Spiral of Lights

In late November or early December the school holds the special Spiral of Lights Walk, also known as the Winter Garden of Lights.  This is an in-school event with the grades children holding their event in the evening, and the kindergartener in the morning.  We create a spiral of fragrant greens decorated with crystals, seashells and other earth elements.  The children enter the spiral with a bright apple filled with a wax candle, and journey to the center to find the waiting light.  These quiet ceremonies enhance our development and awareness of self, and the children find this is one of the most awe-inspiring ceremonies of the year.


The Festival of the Bees and Annual Auction

beeThe Festival of the Bees is a celebration of all things Bee in February each year!  This is our school’s largest fundraiser of the year, and a great festival to boot!  This is a very important fundraiser for our small, non-profit school and we aim to offer a fun day educating everyone about the joy and the plight of bees and what we can do to help these amazing creatures.

Games, crafts, stories, live music, and much more are open to the public for this fun festival.  We include vendors featuring bee products, beehives, bee art, and much more.


Merry May Day

May Day is our spring celebration inviting warmer weather and spring flowers!  This festival takes place in Laurelhurst Park every year.  We dress in white and dance around the maypole, singing songs and dancing.  There is a bake sale and parents are invited to contribute, as well as bring their own picnics and picnic blankets.  This is a beloved spring festival celebrating light and the joy of spring!


Summer Homeschool Magic of Waldorf Conference

Our annual week long conference to share the practice of teaching the Art of Education of Waldorf to adults, with an accompanying camp for children at the same time. Since 2009, parents and teachers from all over the country have gathered for this amazing week.  This year, 2017, focus is on THE HEART OF EDUCATION: Storytelling. This year we will focus on the heart of our practice: storytelling. Everything begins with the story, and ends of the story. Tales, histories, poetry, word pictures, feelings brought into the spoken mode, we paint with our words these incredible worlds of fantasy and reality for the children and for ourselves. Storytelling is the most ancient and revered form of teaching for the human being, and the use of storytelling is both an art and a very practical tool for inspiring, encouraging, guiding, and supporting. We will explore and examine all of the elements of the story in our work this week, including timing, delivery, the temperament factor, and the stage of human development.  All welcome!  Contact for an application. Date: 2017 July 10-14. Location: Shining Star Waldorf School