Waldorf for Everyone, including Home School Families

Shining Star Waldorf School offers full (five days) and part time (1-4 days) school options, including a homeschooling option for children to attend 1-4 days at the main campus in grades 1-4.   Students in grades 5-8 are encouraged to attend at least four days due to the academic load.  The school was founded as a home-education support program with its One-Day Monday class, and children are encouraged to apply for a limited number of these spots per class.  We have discovered over many years that this program option works best for children in grades 1-4, as after this time, the curriculum increases in complexity and interpendent-process learning and it is more challenging to accommodate children who attend less than three full days each week in the classroom.  Please do visit our school, speak with the grades 1-4 teachers, and find out if adding enrollment in our amazing vibrant creative program helps fill your needs as a home-educating family.  We do invite a full year’s commitment from parents, in order to be sure that each class does maintain those close wonderful friendships with each child who is enrolled.  We love our homeschooling kids and each one is a full member of each class and is warmly welcomed each week!  The One-Day option is Monday this year, and must be on Mondays to maintain a rhythm that makes sense for the whole class, for those seeking only a one-day option.  Those choosing more than one day, will confirm those arrangements with the teacher of the class.  Be aware that about 20% of our students attend less than full time and part time spaces are limited in each class.  Please come join us!

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Early Childhood Program

Studies show that children who play and listen, engage and reflect, alternate active movement with songs, poems, stories, verses, and develop strong pre-literacy skills through the imagination,  those children simply excel as adult life-long learners!   We offer classes for Parents-Tots, Wild Nest Outdoor Class (5 and under), Family Playgroups (1x per week) and mixed aged PS-K, 3 days per week!

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Grades 1 – 8

The Grades program at Shining Star is a progression from the First grade realm of the imagination into the clear thinking of 7th grade. Permeated throughout is an artistic approach that touches every aspect from clay modeling to algebra. Through a lively process of breathing, first out with joyful expression, then in with focused concentration, our school strives to meet the physical, social and intellectual needs of each and every student.

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Nature Immersion

Each Friday during the school year children whose families have elected to participate in our unique Nature Immersion program, will go out into Mother Nature from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm.  This is a fantastic option for learning more about nature, local habitats, animals, plants, and outdoor skills. This program is operating in a combined effort and partnership between Shining Star Waldorf School and Rewild Portland,  taught by Rewild’s executive director Peter Bauer and Shining Star’s Ms. Deirdre Spahr.

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