Dragon Fest

Our school is preparing for the Season of Lights with  many beautiful and meaningful ceremonies such as the Winter Spiral of Lights event, Saint Nicholas Day, and the Winter Holiday Assembly.  This year has been magical in our work with the children and the school work that emphasizes the brilliant creativeness of each child.  We are excited about the Festival of the Bees Event coming in February, and for Open Houses in 2017, and are eager to gather up more children to join our classes!  Please come and join in Winter Term Family Playgroup, Wild Nest Outdoor Tuesdays, and our other amazing programs!

Join us at Dragon Fest Sunday, September 25th from 11am – 2pm! Our Annual Fall Festival is open to the public, to show families what life with dragons is like! We find our way into the season of Autumn and Michael, the Warrior Angel, who guides our steps and helps us when we are feeling weak or afraid. Complete with costumes, Magic Wand Booth, games, physical skills contests, community play, bake sale, and contests. Come join our little ‘Ren Fair on this day! September 25, 2016, at Columbia Park 11 am to 2 pm, free