School Time is Near!

Summer is drawing to a close as the iron meteors signal the beginning of autumn as they race across the sky and tumble into the atmosphere, bringing change and new energy for our lives here on earth! Like these bright stars, children and families are gathering around the school, so many new beautiful children are filling the classes to the brim, they come in streaming with light, with shining faces, cute siblings, wondering mothers and fathers, seeking the perfect educational home for these sweet children, full of potential! And the teachers and the office manager, Julie Perko, work hard to keep up with the flood of families! The teachers are working hard to move and organize the classes, families are invited to help the last week of August, M-W, 9 am to 12 noon, to scour spaces, sew aprons and crayon rolls, sort beeswax crayons, colorful pencils, felt, yarn, cut the corners from the marvelous thick water color painting paper, tidy spaces, assist in the office, work the garden, planting and weeding and watering, ready for the fresh new school year! We are grateful for those who come, who trust, who believe, who are seeking an education for the whole child, the whole family! Thank you each one for finding us and arriving!

We are looking forward to Dragonfest 2016! Costumes, games, crafts, all school play, music, and more, Sunday September 25th, Columbia Park, 11 am to 2 pm. Everyone welcome! Bring a baked good to donate for the sale table or the cake walk. Every year this festival just grows and grows, we have so much fun out in the park among the trees. Dress as knight, dragon, princess, fairy, gnome, what you like!

Do sign up for our REWILD Friday Nature Immersion Program! Mr. Peter Bauer is offering another amazing year of outdoor skills, education, interaction, and connection. You can sign up through the school or directly with Peter at his ReWild website.